Mission Statement

We aim to support LKE school in their efforts to build a program that educates our students and community about cultural diversity, teaches them how to appreciate cultural differences and promotes pride in their own cultural heritage.  


Please fill out the survey below or feel free to drop me a note at manasi_zee@yahoo.com to join our team or give suggestions etc.



Manasi Sharma-Kapoor,

PTO - Cultural Diversity Chair


Cultural Diversity Survey for 2022-23

We want to learn more about the cultural diversity we have represented at Lakewood Elementary School. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey and tell us more:

Survey 2022-23


2021-22 PLAN

Due to Covid restrictions we are unable to enter the school so our options for contributing towards cultural diversity are limited this year. But we have found an excellent partner in the library staff and are able to assist them in enriching their cultural diversity offerings by providing ideas, props, script or books etc. for the broadcast videos for 'Holiday Celebrations' and 'All Around the World Express' (see below for details). We also plan to host three cultural diversity rooms in LKE’s spring carnival in April 2022.


Cultural Diversity Initiatives at LKE (2021-22)

‘Holiday Express’ - 2021 December (16th and 17th)

PTO’s Cultural diversity team assisted the library staff (Mrs. Fee & Ms. Marci) to host the ‘Holiday Express’ at the Library. The entire library was converted into a train station with six ‘stops’. Each stop showcased a different holiday around the world - Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Lunar New Year, Eid and Kwanzaa. As the students entered the library they got “train tickets” with the six “stops”. At each station the students were presented with items (toys, decorations, books etc.) that are typically used in that holiday. There was a corresponding short video (playing on an iPad) with a student explaining what each item meant and how it was utilized during the celebration.  

Here are the videos that were played for the students -



 Hanukkah Overview 2021

 Diwali Overview 2021

 Lunar New Year Overview 2021

 Eid/Ramadan Overview 2021

 Christmas Overview 2021


Some pictures from the event



Holidays celebrated at LKE

PTO’s cultural diversity team supplied props, script, coloring sheets and suggested names of students willing to participate in a broadcast video showcased in the morning broadcast during the holiday. The maker space at the library was stocked with coloring sheets corresponding to the holiday being celebrated. 



Indian Festival of Lights

Five days of Diwali: 2-Nov-2021 through 6-Nov-2021 

Video Link - Diwali 2021 Video 1   Diwali Video 2



Jewish Festival of Lights

Eight days of Hanukkah:  28-Nov-2021 through 6-Dec-2021

Video Link - Hanukkah 2021



Christian festival celebrating the birth of Jesus


Video Link - Christmas 2021


Lunar/Chinese New Year

Asian Spring Festival

Sixteen days of the Lunar New Year: 31-Jan-2022 through 15-Feb-2022. 

Video Link - Lunar New Year 2022



Islamic festival marking the end of Ramadan (month long fasting)

2-May-2022 & 3-May-2022 

Video Link - Eid/Ramadan 2022


FEBRUARY 2022 - Black history Month Celebrations at LKE

LKE Library in collaboration with the PTO, celebrated Black History Month in February by decorating the library and providing black history month themed crafts to the students in the maker space. Mrs. Fee also set out books by African American Authors that fit the theme. Here are a few glimpses:




Cultural Rooms @ Spring Carnival


The Cultural Diversity team hosted three cultural rooms at the Lakewood Spring Carnival at the school. Each room had games and crafts particular to that region.


India Room featured a very popular Indian game - Carrom and a craft table where kids could create rangoli patterns and decorate Diya's.


Asia Room featured a well-loved Vietnamese game Bầu Cua Tôm Cá and for craft kids created paper tiger and lanterns.


Eastern Europe Room featured the very popular game Hockey which was improvised (for safety reasons) to use pool noodles as hockey sticks. The craft particular to Balkan countries was creating Martentisa with evil eye beads.